African Girl Books
African Girl Books

  • Children's books about African countries and their traditions

    The Big Ceremony

    The Big Ceremony by Ozi Okaro

    In this lighthearted and fun children’s book, young readers get to join six-year-old Cheta and her best friend, Kosi, as they attend the wedding of Kosi’s cousin. Delighted to each wear her own stunning, specially designed dress, the girls can hardly contain their excitement as they experience the lavish festivities and witness the captivating rituals that are part of both their families’ African heritage.

    ABC's Trip To Africa

    ABC's Trip To Africa By Ozi Okaro

    Follow a happy, green snake on a 26 letter tour through all that this bountiful land has to offer. Readers will meet and interact with diverse animal life, landscapes, people, and cultures. A fun educational trip that parents and children would want to experience again and again.

    My African Vacation

    My Africa Vacation By Ozi Okaro

    Starting in Kenya, Arinze's family travels to ten African countries, demonstrating how vibrant and multifaceted the African landscapes and cultures really are. They get to go on safari, gaze with wonder on Victoria Falls and Mount Kilimanjaro, and explore the continent's architectural and historical wonders. 

    Africa Fact Cards - flash cards

    Have you been to the continent of Africa? Are your curious about the countries of Africa? Well then, Africa Fact Cards are for you! Have fun with Kemi and Kwame as they travel across Africa and learn about this wonderful place. 54 interesting facts on the countries of Africa.

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